Myriam Tillson is a  French illustrator, jewellery maker and prosthetic make-up artist based in London.

She studied prosthetic make-up at renowned UK based workshop Millenium Fx in 2012 and went on to work on a range of productions and projects, including award wining short film He Took His Skin Off For Me (director : Ben Aston), feature film Victor Frankenstein (director : Paul McGuigan) and major TV series Game of Thrones.

She is qualified in a variety of techniques and processes, from painting, sculpting and mouldmaking, to casting and applying prosthetics.

She is also a proficient painter and illustrator, and has been commissioned for a number of children’s books, and various projects from particulars and companies alike. Her tools of predilection are watercolour, gouache and inks.

She also creates her own ceramic, wood, and resin jewellery.

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