Silicone make-up. Full body. Worked with a team of 8 on the lifecast, sculpting, moulding, casting, painting and applying of the full body make-up. HOD Jen Cardno. Short film by Ben Aston. Vimeo Website¬†        

Old age cheek

Silicone cheek piece. Mild aging. Personal project. 2014.    


Silicone and foam latex. Final project for the Neill Gorton 7 week course in prosthetic make-up. 2012.    


Full creature suit and head-dress for a short film. 2013. Vimeo    


My very first prosthetic project. I sculpted a snake, moulded it and then cast replicas of it in slip latex and foam. Applied to a latex bald cap. Personal project. 2011.  

Antlers headpiece

Antlers sculpted out of foam then coated in resin and applied to a latex bald cap. Commissioned by a dance company. 2011.